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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mango Cream Pie from Alexis Bangsar

As some may know from my blog's post, it was my mum's birthday yesterday but i couldn't make it to the dinner celebration my family was gonna have for her cos i had to be at the Music Series opening at Bangsar Telawi Starbucks so i made it up by buying her a cake (or rather pie in the end) from Alexis in Bangsar...

The pie is seriously YUMMY! after eating that, i think my career or dream of having a cafe went down the drain, cos i don't think i can bake something that nice! There is just no words to describe it... it's not too creamy, not too sweet, not too hard, not too soft... just PERFECT!

As you can see from the first picture, there are 4 layers to the cake...
  1. a very thin cream layer... with some nuts on top
  2. pudding - YUM!
  3. MANGOES! sooooo full of mango flesh!
  4. biscuits...
Everybody at home love it! Even daddy who usually don't like desserts or cake or biscuit stuffs... only bro who was complaining its like so lumpy cos he was so greedy he just took a whole big gulp on the top part and didn't eat with the biscuit along...

seriously should go try it... super yummy... n i heard all the other desserts/cakes in there are like super duper yummy too! can't wait to try them...

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